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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pranic Healing

Healing is an ancient healing technique for healing whole human body. In it's appear that by waving hands upwards and downwards a person can cure a patient from sever pain or can normalize the blood pressure of a person or while sitting in one part of Earth a healer can heal a person living in any corner of the world.


Pranic healing is not to replace other healing techniques like allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic etc. but to complement it. Human body is not only the physical body which can be seen or touched but it also includes the energy body. is an integral part of physical body, extended four to five inches beyond physical body. It is invisible but not for all it is also called bio plasmic body. Bio-plasmic body or energy body has a head, two eyes etc. like physical body and can be seen . In pranic healing, we heal or cure human body, both visible and invisible by life energy or pranas or ki (energy). Now tell what is the reason ? what is the secret ? why we are alive? yes it is due to pranas or life energy only that we are alive. There are three sources of pranas, sun, air and ground. Sun is the source of solar pranas, gives health & strength to the whole body, air is the source of air pranas which is absorbed by lungs through breathing and ground is the source of ground pranas which is absorbed through sole of feet. While walking bare-foot on grass or ground, we have an amazing feeling why? Because we absorb large amount of ground pranas through sole of feet.

In pranic healing, , & ground pranas are used to heal a patient. By using pranic healing simple ailments can be healed within a day or two. Any kind of pain can be healed immediately by using pranic healing. Pranic healing accelerates the healing process by three to four times when used with other healing method, i.e. allopathic, homeopathic etc. The most important thing is that distance is not a hurdle in pranic healing. The healer can heal a patient in any corner of the world. Disease can be seen and healed in energy body years before when it actually manifests in the physical body.
Learning pranic healing is easy but it needs regular practice for becoming a proficient healer. Pranic healing is divided into different levels. In first level,students are taught to absorb pranas and how to give it to the patients. In second level, students are taught to use colour pranas and in third level students are taught to use colour pranas for psychological problems. There are many more higher levels.