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Saturday, August 4, 2007

What is meditation ?

What is meditation? How is it done? These are the questions perhaps asked by millions across the world, across the time. And just as no one can exactly answer “what is God”, there are many answers to these questions. Meditation can be as simple as playing again as a child, to various complicated methods, given by various Gurus.


Here, I, don’t attempt to answer these questions, to each one there is his/her own answer, but would rather like to share the feeling, almost everyone experiences when starting any type of meditation. For meditating, the first step is normally to be alone with self, and try to be as thoughtless as possible. But just as when we attempt to clear a house, which has not been cleaned for years, there is lot of dust all around. And we get a feeling it was better before. Similarly meditation is clearing the house where our soul resides, and it is a house, which has not been cleaned for lifetimes, rather we go on collecting dirt, as if they are trophies. And thus when we first start meditation, our mind gets full of thoughts, which we never even imagined, existed. It is the dust on the surface, but once it is cleared, we will see the beautiful house, full of peace and happiness. So dear friends don’t be disheartened, thinking that you cannot do meditation, because as you sit in meditation thoughts instead of going, engulf you. It will happen in beginning, but you continue and will reach the temple, you should be.