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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Death is coming

Death is coming! It will reach us within seconds, minutes, days, months or years. One thing is certain that it will reach us.


What can we do? My point of view is- do what you like --fast--before death reaches :)
One view can be that let us do something by which we can understand death. Or we can understand its mystery, what is it?, why ?, how it come?, what happens when it comes ? or after it ??? Let us look around and find what others are doing, doing things that are not common or something strange. Things that are not directly connected to life, let us search weather they are connected to death or not.
Here we will go into things which are talked most, we will find weather there is something in these to do. Because what is the point of just talking.

Let us list these things: or you suggest.

(A). Near-Death Experiences:
(B). Astral Projection(Out of Body).
(C). Reincarnation.
(D). Past Life.
(E). Higher or True Self.

(A). Near-Death Experiences: Some sites of interests-
1. How Near-death Experiences Work

2. Real Near Death Experiences

3. Near Death Experience Research Foundation

4. A Study of Near Death Experiences

(B). Astral Projection(Out of Body).
(C). Reincarnation.
(D). Past Life.
(E). Lucid dream.

Inspired by *WICKED*BEAUTY*'s question on Yahoo Answers